Pop-up store


The premium car manufacturer Lexus commissioned us at the end of 2015 with the conception and implementation of its first pop-up store anywhere in the world. The goal of our customer was to make the Lexus brand come alive in a special environment for a multitude of people in order to spark interest and enthusiasm for its vehicles.

With the slogan “Lexus kommt in die Stadt” (Lexus is Coming to Town), purist high-end showrooms were created from barren shell buildings within four weeks. They opened just in time for the Christmas season in Cologne (DuMont-Carré) and Hanover (Luisenstraße), meeting potential customers right where they were spending their time. Pop Up My Brand opened the third pop-up store in Chemnitz. 

In addition to location scouting and store expansion, all logistics and equipping of the stores was in our hands.



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